Our journey

Humble beginnings.

In 2011, our founder and CEO, Stevi Lowmass, noticed a lack of authentic regional souvenirs in the UAE and decided to take action. Little did she know that her experimentation with cold process soaps in her kitchen would lead to an award - winning company. 

When I first arrived in Dubai in 2002, I remember looking in shops for gifts to take back to the UK and South Africa – but everything I saw was made in India or China. Make no mistake, there were some beautiful products available but I didn’t feel they represented the region in an authentic way. 

And so The Camel Soap Factory was born. 


Through our practices.

We're proud of our eco-friendly manufacturing practices at the factory. We have lower energy consumption than an average Dubai villa, minimal water usage compared to a similar-sized office, and we prioritise sourcing of oils and fragrances from local and small businesses. We are committed to fully reusable or recyclable packaging. Our dedication to the environment also encompasses high-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes to minimize waste. 


What matters to us

We love the Middle East.

We aim for every Camel Soap Factory product to evoke that love. Our goal is to capture the rich traditions and heritage of the region, bringing a bit of joy with every purchase. Locally made, our products utilize regional ingredients, employing eco-friendly methods to minimize environmental impact and waste. We are dedicated to crafting natural, delightful products without harming the planet.

Innovation with care

Eco-friendly products.

With increasing demand for eco-friendly choices, The Camel Soap Factory is a standout as a premier producer of natural and environmentally friendly skincare products in the UAE. We are dedicated to sustainability, aimed at promoting the plastic-free bathroom concept.

"Follow your passion"

"After a successful career in the electronic payments industry, my life took a turn at 47 when I became a mother. The desire to balance motherhood with my hectic work pace led me to step back and explore new ventures. 

Despite trying my hand at curating art exhibitions and exporting shoes, success remained elusive. It wasn't until a visit to an Australian olive oil soap factory in 2008..." 

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"The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side"

Stevi Lowmass, CEO

Our team

Each team member is part of our family.

We've built a robust team to propel our strategy forward. Each factory employee is trained in soap making, fostering a deep understanding and connection to our products. Together, we've embraced lean manufacturing, revolutionizing the production of natural soaps on a large scale while upholding quality and our values. 

We take pride in our remarkably low staff turnover, striving to create an exceptional workplace where each team member can pursue their dreams with our support. 


We meticulously select ingredients to ensure peace of mind for our customers. Our commitment to ethical and cruelty-free sourcing guarantees the well-being of the camels at the farms from which we source our milk.


The beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of plastic non-recyclable packaging annually, posing a threat to the environment and marine ecosystems. We prioritize eco-friendly packaging for our products.

Our take on palm oil

Palm oil is found in 50% of the packaged products we consume leading to increased demand for plantations, creating more habitat destruction. We opt for sustainably sourced palm oil to mitigate the environmental impact.

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