Travel & Storage Round Bar Tin

Perfectly fit for our Shampoos, Conditioners and Face Soaps

Ideal for in shower use, or for travel. Protects your shampoo or conditioner bar from water and damage.

AED 15.00
Key Features
  • Durable aluminum design.
  • Drain holes for drainage and helping the bar dry.
  • Split design.
  • Fits our Shampoo, Conditioner. or Face Soap bars (single bar).
  • Compact and travel friendly.

Any skin type - suitable for daily use.

Although you shouldn't experience a reaction. If you have a highly sensitive skin, we would recommend trying on a small portion of skin before fully committing to your new lather companion.

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The Camel Soap Factory natural Shampoo and conditioner in bathroom
All natural and vegan

Haircare bars

With a fully plant based formulation, our haircare collection is designed for different hair types while nourishing the scalps.

Authentically Arabia

Inspired by the Middle Eastern heritage, enriched with it's ingredients.