Wooden Soap Dish

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Keep your Natural Camel Milk Soap snug and dry.

Natural handcrafted soaps don’t do too well with their feet in water.
They’ll soften and dissolve away in no time. Care for yours by keeping their feet out of pools of water with this simple and affordable wooden soap dish.


Made from sustainably-grown soft wood. Our Wooden soap dish will keep your soap lasting longer.

To help you care for your natural Camel Milk Soaps, we automatically add this handy Soap Stand as a complimentary gift to all orders over 120AED.

Caring for your Natural Camel Milk Soap:

To care for your soap and make it last longer:

  • Ideally, allow your soap to dry completely between use,
  • Place your soap on a soap dish that keeps it out of standing water,
  • Avoid leaving your soap in a direct spray of water as this will dissolve it much faster.
  • Try using a wash-cloth, foaming bag or shower puff instead of rubbing soap directly on your skin.

With proper care, and depending how often its used, your 95g Natural Camel Milk Soaps should last at least 3-4 weeks, and around 6 weeks if you're usingour larger-cut Natural SADU Camel Milk Soaps.

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