The Desert’s Secret Ingredient


The Ingredient we love …


 … and with good reason too. Rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, vitamins, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory immune proteins, camel milk helps to lighten and even skin tone, to nourish the skin naturally and complement the skin’s own natural immunity.

Close-up of a camel looking at camera with a quizzical look.

Why We Love Camel Milk

Milk has been used in skincare for centuries and it’s been added to soaps (especially natural soaps) for just as long.  Soaps enriched with milk are creamier and gentler than those made without. It’s the natural occurring vitamins, minerals, oils and lactic acid found in milk that add the moisturising and conditioning properties to the soap.

While all milks will have some skin benefits, none are as nutrient-dense as camel milk. That’s not surprising really. Camel calves need all the nourishment they can get to develop in some of the hottest and harshest environments in the world. Their mothers produce only around 6 litres of milk a day – milk that studies have shown is higher in many minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids than any other.

Its these properties that make camel milk the super-ingredient we love and add fresh, and in in copious amounts, to all of our Natural Camel Milk skin care products.

Skin Care Benefits of Camel Milk

Discover how, with regular use, our Natural Camel Milk products with up to 30% fresh camel milk can help you experience fresher younger looking skin.



  • Vitamin A, C and E are potent anti-oxidents, helping to protect the skin from free-radicals, keeping it  looking younger.
  • Vitimin C is known to promote collagen growth to encourage smooth, radiant skin.
  • Vitamin D – the ‘sunshine vitamin’, known to help fight acne.

AHA Acids


  • Lightens and evens skin tone by promoting new skin growth.
  • Visibly brightens skin by gently exfoliating away dead cells.
  • Promotes collagen growth, plumping and smoothing the skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



  • Calcium encourages skin renewal, helping to reduce surface lines.
  • Potassium  acts as a PH balancer, helping to regulate sebum production, reducing blemishes.
  • Selenium promotes tissue elasticity.
  • Zinc , essential for healthy skin, promotes new cell growth, acts as an anti-oxidant and helps to regulate sebum production.


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