Bar Soaps are making a comeback.

We would say that, wouldn’t we?

As one of the largest manufacturers of handmade bar soaps made with fresh camel milk in the world, we’re interested whenever somebody publishes a study showing a preference for the humble bar soap.

Kantar reported that in the year to July 2019, bar soap sales in the UK were up 4% year on year compared to liquid soaps. With market research agencies such as IMARC forecasting the bath soap market to be worth $25.9 billion globally by 2024, it’s a trend that can’t be ignored.

September, 2020

So, what makes bar soap so attractive?

Environmentally friendly packaging

The most obvious reason for swapping to a bar soap is the minimal packaging. We know from our own research that our customers are looking to reduce plastic waste in their homes. Our beautiful soap bars are all packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable or re-usable boxes or bags.

You can’t achieve the same low-waste packaging with shower gels and hand washes.

Tons of plastic bottles and caps are used to package these products, and the cost of transporting the bulky liquids also surpasses that of doing the same with soap bars. A 2009 study in Environmental Science & Technology determined almost 20 times more energy is required in product packaging for plastic soap bottles than producing cardboard or paper packaging for bar soap.

Sudsy Triple Milled SADU Soap Bar on stand

Bar Soaps are Moisturising

Quality handmade soaps now have the same or similar level of moisturising to shower gels or cremes, so with respect to effectiveness and overall post-wash feels, they are as good (and, we’d argue that those enriched with milk are even better!).

Bar Soaps are beautiful

Even luxury brands are moving to create their own solid bars. Powerhouse premium brands, such as Aveda, Sisley, L’Occitaine, and Jo Malone, offer high-end bars in beautiful packaging. These beauty bars are designed to be photogenic and enhance the appeal of your bathroom (and your guest bathroom wink )

We’ve always tried to make sure our soaps are not just functional and ethical, but are a luxurious treat or beauty gift, and we’ve put a lot of effort into our packaging, making sure it’s not only environmentally conscious, but beautiful too.

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They’re Water Wise

Shower gels, which are liquids, contain loads more water than solid bars, which are … well, solid. If you’re using the same amount of water to wash yourself with both these products, why opt for the one which requires more of an essential resource like water during manufacturing?

They’re Cost effective

Bar soaps last longer, which means they are less expensive over time. If the decision between gels and bar soaps is financial, bar soap wins again by a significant margin (washing your hands with bar soap is about a third of the cost of using liquid hand soap).

While it may seem as though you get more from a bottle, research shows we use way more of a product if it comes bottled. Research by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology shows people use almost seven times more liquid soap (2.3 g) than bar soap (0.35 g) on a typical trip to the sink.


A common misconception is that bar soap is “dirty”, harbouring germs on the surface. There is little evidence to support this, as long as bars are stored correctly (i.e. water can drain away), and they not shared by multiple users.

Sudsy Triple Milled SADU Soap Bar on stand

In fact, liquids often include chemicals, surfactants and preservatives, which can cause irritation to sensitive skin. And while we are on the subject of hygiene: using a loofah or body glove with the body wash or a shower gel can give you lather but cleaning that loofah or glove thoroughly can be a challenge. And using a gel without the loofah is just not the same thing. Soap bars seriously score on that front