Stevi Lowmass

Hi. I’m Stevi, founder and owner of The Camel Soap Factory. I’ve been living and working in Dubai, UAE since 2002 with my husband and daughter.

I worked in the IT and electronic payments industries for many years, but after the birth of my daughter in 2005, I became increasingly obsessed with the idea of creating a business doing something I really cared about.

On a trip to Australia in 2004 I visited an amazing olive oil soap factory, which I thought could translate very well to the United Arab Emirates. I wanted to do something with local ingredients, which was both natural and sustainable; that would be a product made in the region.

I love soap and thought camel milk soap might work. I also wanted to create a destination within Dubai, a place where people could see and touch the product and learn more about natural soap making methods.

But I knew nothing about making soaps!!! A few Google searches later and I ended up studying soap making with Melinda Coss in London (author of “The Handmade Soap book”) and I came back to Dubai enthused. She was a marvelous teacher and became my mentor (thank you Melinda!).

Making soaps with camel milk has been an exciting venture. We now ship to destinations across the world and I am proud to have created a company that is becoming synonymous with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

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