Matthew Becker

Hi. My name is Matt,

and I’m always up for a chat.

I help with the over see

of our camel soap company.


Officially – I take charge of Sales & Marketing,

Hobbies include: dirt bike riding & star gazing.

I have a passion for keeping exotic fish,

Which, also happen to be my favorite dish.


In South Africa I was born,

and now I am torn,

between a bloom that is more green,

and the barren beauty of desert I have now seen.


My favorite part of working for our camel soap factory

would have to be the environmental responsibility.

I am proud to be part of something that is pure and natural

even more so than my previous studies of the architectural.


So, I wish you all the best,

and ask you to put our soap to the test,

I’m sure you will find us better than all the rest!