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This review originally appeared in AmyUmair’s Blog, 24 March 2017. 

What will you do when you are in Love with your soap? Truly I am in love ❤️ with my Camel Milk Soap 🐫 🐫 🐫

The Camel Soap Factory - Natural Camel Milk Face Soaps ReviewI never got excited with any product before as I am with this one. I just wash my face again and again with this. I am loving it, its fragrance, its freshness in air, the buttery leather. Everything is so Organic, so Fresh. its very unique experience for the person who never used soap for many years on his face. 

To be honest I never thought this Bar, which looks very normal with a 🐫 logo on it will steal my heart ❤️ away. Its leather is very normal , neither too much nor too less. Its cleansing power is not less then any expensive cleanser. And End Result … 💥 Boom 💥 💥 Very Cleansed , Fresh and Bright Face !!!! It just surprised me, I am washing my face again and again using this soap so could get more brighter look 😜

Natural Camel Milk Face Soap for Dry Skin ReviewI was thinking 💭 if this soap has any whitening agent ? Why its making my complexion bright? But No , I realized its making my skin plumped and moisturized and thats why its looking brighter and my own whitish complexion is coming out. I am having very minimal dead skin since I am using it. So Does it mean it improved my collagen production on face? 

If Yes, Its a big plus in todays market. It is cleansing very properly and I didn’t get any breakout also in 3 weeks. As You know I don’t review unless I use a product for minimum of 4 weeks on my skin to see the real difference. 


The Camel Soap Factory - Natural Camel Milk Face Soaps LatherNormally I cant use Soaps on my face because of extreme dry skin and sensitivity. After years I used a soap on my face. And I am so happy about it.

I wanted to know more about this ❤️💕Made In UAE  Hand Crafted Soap so I went to it website to read. Luckily It Has 3 Formulas to cater all skin types.